Decadal simulations of coastal geomorphic evolution in Liverpool Bay, UK

Decadal simulations of coastal geomorphic evolution in Liverpool Bay, UK.
Sutherland, J.and Rossington, K. and Whitehouse, R.J.S. and L'Homme, J. and Blanco Lopez de San Roman, B.
In: Coastal Sediments 2015, 11-15 May 2015, San Diego, California, USA. (Submitted) (2015)

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Abstract:The coastal systems concept maintains that long-term coastal evolution can be modelled through integrated analysis of interacting coastal behaviours, so the most interesting scientific insights may emerge from interaction and feedback between system components This paper presents an application of this approach to an area of coastline between Formby Point and Blackpool within Liverpool Bay, north-west England, UK. A linked set of models (known as a composition) was formed using two instances of a one-line model, an aggregated estuary model and results from a coastal area model. Explicit linkages between model instances were formulated and applied, using the FluidEarth implementation of the OpenMI standard for data exchange during run-time.
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