Update of manual on scour at bridges and other hydraulic structures

Update of manual on scour at bridges and other hydraulic structures.
Kitchen, A.and Dusting , S. and Kirby, A. and Chesterto, J. and Roca, M. and Escarameia, M.
In: Structural Faults and Repair Conference , 8 – 10 July 2014, Imperial College, University of London, UK. (2014)

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Abstract:Bridges over water can be at risk of failure due to scour and flooding. However, bridge owners and managers face conflicting demands between the need to ensure public safety and commercial pressures to keep bridges open to minimise disruption and avoid penalties. Guidance on scour risk management is currently provided by the Manual on scour at bridges and other hydraulic structures (May et al, 2002). The Manual touches on risk management, with comprehensive advice on scour processes, scour assessment and the design and installation of scour countermeasures. Recent bridge failures have highlighted the importance of the scour risk management cycle, from asset identification and scour assessment to mitigation, inspection and monitoring. Furthermore, recent research has improved our understanding of scour for the purposes of design, mitigation and maintenance. The Manual is therefore being updated with new guidance on scour risk management, including emergency planning, inspection, monitoring, debris management, revised equations for the prediction of scour and updated advice on scour countermeasures. The new Manual, due in 2014, will also provide lessons learnt with case studies such as Lower Ashenbottom viaduct (2004), River Crane, Malahide viaduct and Cumbria (all 2009) and a summary of methods for the assessment of hydrodynamic forces.
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