Guide to concrete dyke revetments

Guide to concrete dyke revetments.
Hydraulics Research Wallingford, -
Technical Report. Hydraulics Research Wallingford. (1985)

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Abstract:This document is an English translation of the Dutch report "Leidraad cementbetonnen di jkbekledingen", Rapport 119, Stichting voor onderzoek, voorschriften en kwaliteitseisen op het gebied van beton (CUR-VB), September 1984. On the initiative of the contact group "Wet hydraulic engineering", which includes representatives of the Dutch cement industry, the Government Public Works Department , Technical University at Delft and the Agricultural University of Wageningen, a decision was made to commence a study on the subject of concrete block revetment on bank slopes, in coordination with the "Technical Advisory Committee on Sea and Freshwater flood defences (TAW), and the Organisation for research, specifications and quality requirements for concrete (CUR-VB). The Committee had the task of writing a guide concerning design, construction, management and maintenance of concrete block revetments.
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