Mathematical modelling of moored ships in the time domain

Mathematical modelling of moored ships in the time domain.
Spencer, J.M.A.and Bowers, E.C.
Technical Report. Hydraulics Research Wallingford. (1986)

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Abstract:This report describes the initial development of a mathematical model in the time domain of a moored ship in waves. This model, called SHIPMOOR, is necessary in order to represent, correctly, the motions of vessels on conventional mooring. This is because, normally, moorings are highly non-linear making a frequency space description inadequate. In this report SHIPMOOR is applied to two cases of practical interest under the simplifying assumption of frequency independent hydrodynamic coefficients. One application is to a vessel executing subharmonic sway motions against fenders. The second application is to the passing ship problem where the disturbance created by a vessel underway can cause lines to part on vessels moored nearby.
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