Toe scour at sea walls subject to wave action - a literature review

Toe scour at sea walls subject to wave action - a literature review.
Powell, K.A.
Technical Report. Hydraulics Research Wallingford. (1987)

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Abstract:Wave induced scouring at the foot of sea walls is now accepted as the major cause of sea wall damage in the UK. It is however a problem that historically has received very little attention and, as a consequence, minimal research funding. It is not surprising therefore that at present this form of scouring is virtually impossible to predict. In recognition of this it has been proposed that a major research study should be set up to: 1. examine the underlying causes of toe scour, and 2. develop methods for predicting both its onset and extent for various types of sea wall, and beach sediment. This report, which represents the first phase of the study, lays down the framework for subsequent experimental investigation, based upon a critical review of the available literature and a re-appraisal of previous understanding.
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Coasts > Sediment transport and scour
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