Reservoir sedimentation

Reservoir sedimentation.
Hydraulics Research Wallingford, -
Technical Report. Hydraulics Research Wallingford. (1987)

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Abstract:This report describes work on numerical reservoir sedimentation models to improve the prediction of reservoir sedimentation. Reservoir sedimentation presents a major water resources problem in tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world. Until the development of numerical models reservoir sedimentation could only be predicted using simple empirical method which have on occasions proved unreliable. The recent development of numerical models has greatly improved the accuracy and detail with which predictions can be made. The purpose of the work is to enable methods of controlling sedimentation to be studied. The study considers the problems of up-dating sections subject to erosion or deposition, the consolidation of deposited sediment and the definition required to model a combination of silts and sands. A simple methods of assessing the economic cost of reservoir sedimentation is presented. The work should enable more accurate predictions of reservoir sedimentation to be made and provides a method of associating a cost with the predicted siltation. This better engineering and economic assessments of reservoir project will result.
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