Benthic respiration of estuarine muds - a review of influencing factors

Benthic respiration of estuarine muds - a review of influencing factors.
Maskell, J.M.and Murray, G.E.
Technical Report. Hydraulics Research Wallingford. (1987)

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Abstract:Benthal oxygen demand can be a significant factor affecting the oxygen balance of an estuary. Many of the existing mathematical models of oxygen balance do not include benthal oxygen demand, those that do generally do so in a very simplistic manner. This report describes a literature review which was undertaken to acquire a greater understanding of the processes involved and to identify the controlling factors which would need to be included in an improved mathematical model. Data collected from the Lagan estuary, Northern Ireland were analysed and the results used in a mathematical model to test hypotheses relating to the dependence of benthal oxygen demand to the oxygen levels in the overlying water.
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