Deposition of cohesive sediment from flowing water

Deposition of cohesive sediment from flowing water.
Delo, E.
Technical Report. Hydraulics Research Wallingford. (1988)

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Abstract:Parameters which influence flocculation include the size, mineralogy, pH and ionic strength of the particles, the solids concentration of the suspension, the chemical composition of the suspending water and hydrodynamic parameters such as shearing rates within the suspension and the bed shear stress. The study of the deposition of cohesive sediment within both the laboratory and the field environments is a difficult task. Although, the first investigations of cohesive sediments were carried out over twenty-five years ago… it is reasonable to conclude that there remains considerable areas where the knowledge of sediment behaviour is lacking. The aim of the investigation described in this report was to define more precisely by experimental study the deposition of cohesive sediment from suspension with the objective of improving the predictive techniques of estimating the siltation in dredged channels.
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