Understanding wave generation in pneumatic tsunami simulators

Understanding wave generation in pneumatic tsunami simulators.
Chandler, I.and Allsop, W. and Barranco Granged, I. and McGovern, D.
In: Coastlab16 (6th International Conference on the Application of Physical Modelling in Coastal and Port Engineering and Science), 10-13 May 2016, Ottawa, Canada. (2016)

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Abstract:Tsunami crest only (elevated) and trough led N-waves have been generated using an improved pneumatic Tsunami Simulator. The crest only wave periods range from 20s to 160s, and 20s to 240s for the trough led N-waves. The length of flume in which these waves are generated was found to have an influence on the measured wave profile at a particular location for waves with period between 40s and approximately 120s. For waves less than 40s the wave generation is not affected by reflections. For waves greater than 120s the variation in free-surface elevation along the flume at any given instant is small resulting in negligible variation in measured profile from different positions within the flume. Outlines for further investigations and improvements to the Tsunami Simulator are given, including initial developments for an active wave absorption system for the Tsunami Simulator.
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Uncontrolled Keywords:Tsunami, Physical modelling, Tsunami Simulator, Wave generation
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