Natural and nature based features for use in coastal protection; a UK perspective

Natural and nature based features for use in coastal protection; a UK perspective.
Simm, J.D.
In: ASBPA National Coastal Conference 2017, 24-27 October 2017, Fort Lauderdale, USA. (2017)

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Abstract:HR Wallingford is undertaking a piece of work for USACE Institute for Water Resources on the United Kingdom experience on coastal green (natural and nature-based) and gray (structural) infrastructure. The objectives of this work have been to identify principles and issues common between the USA and the United Kingdom regarding how the two governments make coastal infrastructure investment decisions, to provide case studies of overcoming engineering and governance barriers and to identify the critical success factors for coastal management, specifically in regard to natural and nature-based features. This presentation will explain the outcomes of this work and will cover aspects such as greening of grey infrastructure and greying of green infrastructure, sediment management at multiple scales, management of beach and dune systems, and natural and artificial offshore reefs.
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