Coastal Steepening - the UK view

Coastal Steepening - the UK view.
Soulsby, R.L.and Sutherland, J. and Brampton, A.
Technical Report. HR Wallingford Ltd. (1999)

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Abstract:This report outlines the British position on coastal steepening, defined as the phenomenon whereby the cross-shore profile does not retreat or progress as an equilibrium profile, but develops towards a steeper profile. It incorporates the views of HR staff and many other individuals, listed in Appendix 1. The evidence for coastal steepening in the UK is summarised. The effects of coastal steepening, determined from field observations, laboratory tests and numerical models are discussed. The postulated causes for coastal steepening are outlined and their likely importance commented on. A list of projects that are already in the planning stages and that could be used to study this phenomenon is given. The consequences for coastal management are discussed. Possible actions against the consequences and the outstanding problems in this field are listed. The UK view forms part of a larger picture of coastal steepening around the North Sea coast, described in a separate report prepared by a Working Group comprising representatives of five of the nations bordering the North Sea.
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