Two large-scale test channels for overtopping and earthquake-flood compounded disasters

Two large-scale test channels for overtopping and earthquake-flood compounded disasters.
Nihei, Y.and Kurakami, Y.
In: Protections 2018 (3rd International Conference on Protection against Overtopping), 6-8 June 2018, Grange-over-Sands, UK. (2018)

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Abstract:Extreme flooding is mainly to the result of climate change, but sometimes it is brought on levee breaches and a subsequent flood disaster. Most levee breaches are the result of overtopping. Furthermore, river levees are also sometimes damaged by compound disasters following an earthquake, flood, or tsunami. With this in mind, it is necessary to develop comprehensive reinforcement technologies for river levees against overflow, infiltrations, and earthquakes. In the present study, we introduced two types of large-scale test facilities: one was a large-scale open channel to examine the resistance of model levees against overtopping and infiltration. The other was a channel to evaluate compound disasters of earthquakes and floods or tsunamis. The former channel was 20 m long, 1.0 m wide, and 1.8 m high and used to evaluate the erosion process and stability of river levees with various reinforcements against overtopping and infiltration. The levee height was set at 1 m. The latter channel was used to conduct a model experiment for compound disasters due to an earthquake, flood, and/or tsunami using a new channel that was 33 m long, 0.60 m wide, and 1.0 m high. In this paper, we introduce the examples of these large-scale model experiments using two channels. Furthermore, we demonstrate a new type of levee in which laminar drainage reinforcement (LDR) is laid along the back slope of the levee using geogrid layers. The experiment’s results suggest that LDR levees have a high resistance against overtopping and earthquakes.
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