A review of Ackers & White sediment transport predictor

A review of Ackers & White sediment transport predictor.
Petkovsek, G.
Proceedings of the ICE - Water Management . (In Press) (2019)

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Abstract:Sediment transport predictor based on a review and update of the theory of Ackers and White is proposed. While the core of the theory was retained, the approach to predicting transport rates was updated by introducing some new ideas and modified where opportunities for improvement were identified. A large dataset compiled from the existing literature was used for model calibration and validation. The results show a good improvement compared to the original Ackers and White equation as well as some other total load predictors. Better matching with the observed data is achieved especially at higher slopes (above 1%) and low submergence ratios (below 50) as well as at the extremes of the sediment size scale, where the applicability was extended to the coarse silt region. Predictions for gravel and coarser sediment were also improved.
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