The influence of upstream weir slope on live-bed scour at submerged weir

The influence of upstream weir slope on live-bed scour at submerged weir.
Wang, L.and Melville, B. and Friedrich, H.
In: ICSE 2016 (8th International Conference on Scour and Erosion), 12-15 September 2016, Oxford, UK. (2016)

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Abstract:Shape variation of submerged weirs can change local flow patterns and sediment transport. The aim of this study is to quantify and compare the local scour at weirs with different upstream face slopes, under submerged flow and live-bed conditions. Experiments were carried out on 30 mm high weirs in a tilting, sediment recirculating flume with 0.26 mm uniform sediment. 24 experiments were undertaken involving four different upstream weir face angles (30˚, 45˚, 60˚ and 90˚ to the horizontal) and six flow intensities. Two webcams were employed to observe upstream aggradation and the local scour on both sides of the weir. The results indicate that a gentler upstream weir slope reduces the upstream scour depth at the submerged weir, for upstream weir face angle greater than 45˚. The results also show that the downstream scour depth is independent of the upstream weir slope.
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