Vortex vanes: a low cost sediment excluder

Vortex vanes: a low cost sediment excluder.
Atkinson, E.
Project Report. HR Wallingford Ltd. (1988)

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Abstract:The vortex vane sediment excluder is a simple device for preventing excessive sediment loads from entering an irrigation intake. The excluder is relatively cheap to construct and does not require a weir across the river, so it can be used where there is insufficient head available for traditional methods of hydraulic flushing. The excluder consists of a pair of vanes constructed in the river bed. Theoretical and laboratory studies have shown that the device can be designed to work successfully, and an initial design method has been developed. The feasibility of the excluder at a field scale chiefly hinges on the criterion that it should not become blocked by the river bed sediment. Theoretical and laboratory work on this aspect of the vortex vane's operation has produced the prediction that the vanes will not suffer from blockage at typical field conditions. A field study is now recommended.
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