Estimating catchment sediment yield: Development of the GIS-based CALSITE model

Estimating catchment sediment yield: Development of the GIS-based CALSITE model.
Bradbury, P.A.and Lea, N.J. and Bolton, P.
Project Report. HR Wallingford. (1993)

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Abstract:This report provides details of the initial developments of the CAlibrated SImulation of Transport Erosion (CALSITE) model, which is designed to enable the prediction of soil erosion and sedimentation within a catchment. It presents details of the theoretical concepts of the models and results of the initial testing of the software for the Magat catchment in Luzon, Philippines. The CALSITE model combines a soil erosion model, currently the Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE), with sediment routing techniques in order to determine sediment delivery. The model uses Geographical Information System (GIS) technology to enable the spatial variation of soil erosion to be analysed, so that areas of high soil erosion can be identified and the effects of soil conservation programmes or land use change can be visualised. Sediment yield estimates may be recalibrated each time the model is run by using sediment measurements from within the catchment. Version 1 of the CALSITE model was configured for use in the Philippines and relies upon data analysed on a specific GIS. The model is currently being generalised for use in Sri Lanka and Thailand on Standard IBM/PC compatibles without the requirements for specific GIS software or hardware.
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