Risk Assessment for Strategic Planning (RASP) – An intermediate and detailed level methodology

Risk Assessment for Strategic Planning (RASP) – An intermediate and detailed level methodology.
Sayers, P.B.and Hall, J. and Dawson, R.J. and Ohl, C. and Rosu, C. and Meadowcroft, I.
In: 38th Defra Flood and Coastal Management Conference, 16-18 July 2003, University of Keele, UK. (2003)

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Abstract:This paper builds upon the paper presented at DEFRA 2002, outlining the RASP High Level Methodology, to provide more detailed level analysis within the context of a consistent and tiered analysis framework. In particular, the paper provides an insight into the Intermediate and Detailed Level analysis proposed under RASP, with the following distinction: •The Intermediate Level of the RASP methodology aims to support Shoreline Management Plans, Catchment Flood Management Plans and more detailed aspects of fluvial and coastal strategy plans. The results could also be used to improve and verify studies such as the National Flood Risk Assessment 2002 for defined areas, and will support decision-makers in the prioritisation of expenditure, regional and strategic planning, planning of flood warning, regulation of development and maintenance management. •The Detailed Level of the RASP methodology supports scheme design and optimisation. The level of analysis and associated costs mean that for detailed level methodology it is feasible to undertake data collection and analysis that may be considered infeasible on the scale of a catchment or coastal cell. In addition to outlining the methodologies, the paper will demonstrate the vision of data and information flow between levels and the concept of increasing detail and reducing uncertainty. The Intermediate and Detailed Level analysis are currently under development and due for completion by December 2003. This paper is therefore timely in outlining best practice approaches, raising awareness as to the applicability of the methods and looking forward to better, more risk based, decision-making.
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