Millennial to annual volume changes in the Humber Estuary

Millennial to annual volume changes in the Humber Estuary.
Townend, I.H.and Wang, Z.B. and Rees, J.
Proceedings of The Royal Society , 463 (2079). pp. 837-854. (2007)

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Abstract:Analysis of stratigraphic records and historic charts has allowed comparison of Holocene and historical rates of accommodation space change in the Humber Basin. Apparent rate differences are explained using a morphological model and an analytical approach to separate out the effect of differing forcing signals. This understanding is then used to construct a simple behavioural model of how estuary volumes change over time that is consistent over millennial to annual time-scales. Given the desire to promote the sustainable management of estuaries, the approach provides a means to identify the natural variability that should be anticipated. Distinguishing such signals from influences such as sea-level rise is also important for the proper attribution of impacts due to climate change.
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