Emphasys Consortium 2000: Modelling estuary morphology and process

Emphasys Consortium 2000: Modelling estuary morphology and process.
Whitehouse, R.J.S.
Technical Report. HR Wallingford. (2000)

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Abstract:The morphology of an estuary (its shape and underwater contours) affects, and is in turn affected by, issues relating to flood defence, water quality, conservation and navigation. This report provide answers to some of the key questions that face those concerned with such issues: estuary managers, stakeholders and interest groups. The report result from Phase 1 of the UK Estuaries Research Programme undertaken by the EMPHSYS consortium, which comprises 13 partners including practitioners and researchers with widely varying and complementary areas of expertise. Links are made between the understanding and prediction of changes in estuarine morphology and the resulting changes in the ecology and water quality that are subject to legislative constraints, policy and directives.
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Maritime > Estuary management
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