Scour at a seawall- field measurements and physical modelling

Scour at a seawall- field measurements and physical modelling.
Pearce , A.M.C.and Sutherland, J. and Müller, G. and Rycroft, D. and Whitehouse, R.J.S.
In: ICCE 2006 (30th International Conference on Coastal Engineering), 3 - 8 September 2006 , San Diego, California, USA . (2006)

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Abstract:Seawalls with low beach levels are exposed to wave action and the risk of toe scour. Recent reviews have highlighted a critical need to collect flume data at a minimum of medium and field validation data. Therefore scour monitoring equipment was deployed at two UK seawalls and a medium scale flume study conducted. The field results showed significant beach level changes, in phase with tide / toe water depth and rapid infilling occurring at low tide. When combined with the flume results, the data supports the proposition of a scour risk envelope, where a critical water depth leads to wave breaking and enhanced scour. The level of exposure depends on the initial beach level and the tidal range.
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