Examples of recent floods in Europe

Examples of recent floods in Europe.
Knight, D.and Samuels, P.G.
Journal of disaster research, 2 (3). (2007)

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Abstract:Some significant flood events that have occurred in various European countries in the last decade are described. They are used to illustrate the widespread nature of flooding, its economic impact and the resultant loss of life. The underlying hydro-meteorological causes of each flood are outlined, followed by a brief chronology of the flood event and the subsequent consequences. The flood events have been drawn from countries with differing climatic conditions, and from river basins that differ in both size and topography. The selection includes floods from the following countries: the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland and the UK. The events include examples of both flash floods and slower basin-wide floods. The important lessons that may be drawn from these events are highlighted, as are the economic impacts such floods might have in the future due to climate change.
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