2D Flooding Analysis in Scotland

2D Flooding Analysis in Scotland.
Gutierrez Andres, J.and Rayner, C. and Udale-Clarke, H. and Kellagher, R.B.B. and Reeves, M.
In: 11th International Conference on Urban Drainage, 31 August - 5 September 2008, Edinburgh, Scotland. (2008)

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Abstract:This paper discusses two methods of modelling above ground flood extents and overland flow paths using InfoWorks CS. The first of these methods uses 1D overland flow paths and the 1D flood mapping tool available in InfoWorks CS. The second method uses the new 2D surface flow model recently developed by Wallingford Software and available in version 8.5 of InfoWorks CS. The Brechin catchment in Scotland provides a real-life case study where the two methods have been compared in order to determine the most robust and accurate modelling approach to assess a flooding problem in the catchment and potential solutions.
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