Application of a GIS-based numerical modelling system at Marina di Rimini, Italia

Application of a GIS-based numerical modelling system at Marina di Rimini, Italia.
Stripling, S.and Bernero, M.
In: Coastal and Maritime Mediterranean Conference, 2-4 December 2009, Hammamet Tunisie. (2009)

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Abstract:Marina di Rimini is located on the western shore of the Northern Adriatic. The marina itself provides berthing for pleasure craft, and is accessed through a river channel which is trained several hundred metres into the sea. This layout is common along the Northern Adriatic coastline of Italy. On occasion, however, navigation along the river channel into the marina basin is thwarted by excess levels of wave disturbance. It has been proposed to modify the layout of the river training walls so that greater protection from waves, and therefore safer navigation into the marina, is achieved. The objective of the study reported in this paper was to examine the potential impact on the nearby shoreline of modifying the layout of the river training walls. Numerical models exploit our understanding of physical processes and it has become a standard requirement, in turn, to exploit numerical models when carrying out assessments of the effects of intervening at the coastline. The innovative method of assessment applied here at Marina di Rimini included the numerical modelling of wave propagation and sediment transport from within a GIS. This methodology not only enables straight-forward operability of the embedded models and the provision of readily assimilated model output, but it also takes the functionality of the GIS as a coastal management tool beyond a database and data-analysis system.
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