The impact of navigation channels on berth protection

The impact of navigation channels on berth protection.
Grey, S.M.and Cruickshank, I. and Beresford, P.J. and Tozer, N.P.
Civil Engineering, 163 (DOI 10.1680/cien.2010.163.5.49). (2010)

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Abstract:There has been a significant and sustained growth in port and terminal infrastructure in recent years to accommodate the changes in container, oil, gas (LPG and LNG), bulk and other general cargo trade. Many of these new build ports and terminals require long, deep navigation channels through shallow water to allow access. Deep channels can have a significant effect on the propagation of waves and it is important to consider this interaction at an early stage of design and the consequences for wave disturbance at berths. This paper reviews the processes involved in the propagation of waves across a dredged channel and presents examples where the orientation of navigation channels can be beneficial or detrimental to wave conditions at terminal berths. Some innovative ways to reduce wave conditions at terminal locations through the optimisation of channel alignment and dredged area design are described.
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