Development and application of a combined model for longshore sediment transport

Development and application of a combined model for longshore sediment transport.
Zhou, Z.and Blanco, B.
In: RCEM 2011 (7th IAHR Symposium on River, Coastal and Estuarine Morphodynamics), 6-8 September 2011, Beijing, China. (2011)

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Abstract:This paper presents a potentially promising method for the development and applicationof numerical models for longshore sediment transport and shoreline morphological evolution. Theexisting one-line model (BEACHPLAN) and cross-shore profile model (COSMOS) have been linkedthrough the OpenMl-based Pipistrelle platform. It was found that two additional modules (DriftInterpolation module and Vector-To-Scalar module) needed to be developed. The existing two models andthe new modules work together as a whole composition (i.e. the combined model) which aims to improvethe one-line model in terms of longshore sediment transport and morphological response predictability.This combined model calculates the longshore sediment transport rate based on both the modifiedCERC-formula and the Energetics approach. Applications to an idealized straight coast and a real curvedcoast demonshate that the model is numerically stable and gives reasonable modelling results. Hence, tolink the existing models rather than develop completely new models is thought to be a potential researchdirection that is both economical and feasible to achieve. Further planned developments of the model areexplained.
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