Sediment dynamics

Sediment dynamics.
Sutherland, J.and Soulsby, R.L.
In: Users guide to physical modelling and experimentation: experience of the HYDRALAB Network. CRC Press/Balkema, Leiden, The Netherlands, pp. 67-125. ISBN 978-0-415-60912-8 / 978-1-4398-7051-8 (2011)

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Abstract:This chapter provides descriptions of essential features of modelling of a broad range of problems involving many classes of sediment, flow, applications and research top¬ics. The experimental reproduction of hydraulic processes involving sediment dynam¬ics is focussed on the sediments and not the hydrodynamic processes, which are covered in other chapters. Since a great deal of experimental research on sediment dynamics remains to be done, laboratory experiments to elucidate process knowledge (research) as well as physical modelling of site-specific applications (consultancy) will be covered.
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