Full particle pic modelling of the surf and swash zones

Full particle pic modelling of the surf and swash zones.
Kelly, D.M.
In: ICCE 2012 (33rd International Conference on Coastal Engineering), 2012, Santander, Spain. (2012)

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Official URL:http://journals.tdl.org/icce/index.php/icce/article/view/6672/pdf_650
Abstract:In this paper a hybrid Eulerian Lagrangian solver based on the full–particle Particle–In–Cell (PIC) method is outlined. The solver is capable of simulating incompressible free–surface flows in domains with arbitrary, free–slip, solid boundaries. The flexibility of the approach allows for simulation of wetting and drying and pooling as well as wave breaking, splash–up over complex obstacles and the overtopping of coastal structures. The method has been validated for a wide variety of test cases and results are in good agreement with the numerical and experimental results of other researchers.
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