Hydro-geotechnical performance of rubble mound breakwaters

Hydro-geotechnical performance of rubble mound breakwaters.
Allsop, W.and Williams, A.
Technical Report. HR Wallingford Ltd. (1991)

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Abstract:Rubble mound breakwaters, and related structures, are used worldwide to protect harbours, shorelines, and other sensitive areas against wave action. Such structures may face large wave forces and cost of the order £10 to £50 million per kilometre. The porosity and permeability of such structures allows wave pressures and flows to pass into, and sometimes through, the mound. High pressure gradients within the structure may initiate geotechnical instability. A research project has been conducted to examine and quantify the behaviour of rubble mounds subjected to wave action, with particular emphasis on the fluid/structure interactions. This report describes studies to extend design and analysis methods. The responses addressed in this study are those that relate to the overall stability of the mound, rather than the performance of the armour layer.
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