Beachplan as an Open-MI composition

Beachplan as an Open-MI composition.
Sutherland, J.and Harper, A. and Bolster, M.
Proceedings of the 35th IAHR World Congress, Chengdu, China . ISSN 978-7-89414-588-8 (2013)

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Abstract:FluidEarth 2.0 is an open source implementation of the OpenMI 2.0 interface standard for data exchange between numerical models during run-time. It consists of the FluidEarth Software Development Kit (SDK) to assist with making models and components OpenMI 2.0 compliant, the Pipistrelle GUI for linking and running OpenMI compliant models and components using one-way or two-way links for the exchange of data and the FluidEarth portal with news, a discussion forum, case studies, community contact details as well as links to the FluidEarth catalogue, the training website and source code repository. The power of FluidEarth to link together separate models to run as a composition has been demonstrated using the re-written Beachplan model of the long-term development of the coastline of sand or gravel beaches. This is a practical model for coastal management that requires the two-way exchange of data between component models at each time-step. Poole Bay in southern England (UK) has been used as test case and has been shown to reproduce the effect of groynes on beaches over a period of almost two years at a moderate computational cost.
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