COAST3D data report - 3D experiment, Teignmouth, UK - Volume 1

COAST3D data report - 3D experiment, Teignmouth, UK - Volume 1.
Whitehouse, R.J.S.and Sutherland, J.
Technical Report. HR Wallingford . (2001)

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Abstract:This report describes the measurements made as part of the COAST3D experiment at Teignmouth, South Devon, UK. As part of the core COAST3D activities, the following survey activities were undertaken: Beach transect surveys, 6-monthly between 1995-1999; Baseline site investigations, June 1998; The COAST3D Pilot Study, 9 to 24 March 1999; The COAST3D Main Study, 18 October to 26 November 1999; Continuous monitoring of water levels, waves and currents, December 1998 through November 1999. The measurements made by the COAST3D field research team covered the following activities: Fluvial flow - gauging station results for fluvial inflow (provided by the Environment Agency); Meteorology - local meteorological conditions and UK Met. Office data; Waves - wave parameters offshore and inshore; Water levels - water levels at offshore, inshore and fixed stations; currents - mean currents and wave-orbital velocities; Water properties - salinity and temperature; Sediment properties - grain size distributions, USP RoxAnn sediment type; Sediment transport - OBS (optical Backscatter Sensor), ABS (Acoustic Backscatter Sensor), pumped sampling, sandwave migration, bedload trap, fluorescent tracer; Morphology - subtidal and intertidal bed levels, bed texture (Side Scan Sonar), small scale bedforms (ASPR: Autonomous Sand Ripple Profiler), LIDAR.
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