Impact of bi-model seas on beaches and control structures

Impact of bi-model seas on beaches and control structures.
Hawkes, P.J.and Coates, T. and Jones, R.J.
Technical Report. HR Wallingford . (1998)

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Abstract:MAFF funded a series of studies at HR Wallingford on swell on bi-modal seas and their impacts. This report describes physical model tests on beaches and structures under swell and bi-modal sea conditions. The first project involved the impact on shingle beaches in terms of crest elevation and crest roll-back. The second project involved measurement of overtopping on different types of sea wall. In both cases, results were analysed in detail and guidelines were developed for future assessment of the effects of bi-modal seas. In an opportunistic third project, additional measurements were taken of run-up, run-down, armour movement and reflection; these are presented in the present report but are not analysed in detail.
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