Scale effects in the physical modelling of seabed scour

Scale effects in the physical modelling of seabed scour.
Sutherland, J.and Whitehouse, R.J.S.
Technical Report. HR Wallingford . (1998)

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Abstract:This report describes and comments on scale effects in the physical modelling of seabed scour around coastal and offshore man-made structures. It has been produced within the framework of the EC funded project Scour Around Coastal Structures (SCARCOST). The intention is to highlight the scaling problems that are faced in mobile bed studies of scouring, to comment on them and to refer to the latest finds from researchers who have looked at scale effects in particular problems. The report is not intended to provide an introduction to the scale modelling of waves or waves around structures with fixed beds, although the main hydrodynamics parameters are introduced as they are also important for mobile bed studies. The report concentrates on flow and scour processes, the areas covered by Task 1 of SCARCOST. The response of the bed is covered in Task 2 and is considered only briefly here.
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