Zoning techniques in coastal zone management

Zoning techniques in coastal zone management.
Millard, T.K.and Bale, J. and Forsyth, S.
Technical Report. HR Wallingford . (1996)

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Abstract:This report presents a view of methodologies used to design zoning plans as part of coastal zone management plans. Concerned that zoning schemes appeared to be developed in the absence of any formal methodology, HR Wallingford investigated how specific zoning plans were developed. HR Wallingford worked alongside the Dept of Land and Construction Management of the University of Portsmouth on two studies investigating zoning issues. Study 1 concerned an appraisal of the recreational zoning plan implemented in Poole Harbour, UK. Study 2 concerned a review and analysis of the methodologies used in the formulation of coastal zoning schemes in the UK. This report is presented in two parts reflecting these studies. Both these studies were individually accepted by the University of Portsmouth as Master's thesis Coastal and Marine Resource management submitted by their respective Authors.
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