Benefits and performance of sustainable drainage systems

Benefits and performance of sustainable drainage systems.
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Technical Report. HR Wallingford. (2005)

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Abstract:This project was conceived to address the lack of quantitative data available to the drainage industry on the observed performance of sustainable drainage systems (SUDS), with respect to both hydraulics and water quality. The study was developed to improve knowledge of the level of performance that can be expected of different SUDS components and, where possible, to determine the likely influence of design criteria and maintenance activities on performance levels. The specific objectives of the project were: • To determine the technical performance and environmental benefits of using SUDS, through field monitoring at three operational sites that included a range of SUDS components; • To identify any observable degradation in performance and contributory influences (including the effectiveness of maintenance); • To improve guidance on the selection, design and maintenance of SUDS with a focus on maximising performance.
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