Dynamics of estuarine muds

Dynamics of estuarine muds.
Whitehouse, R.J.S.and Soulsby, R.L. and Roberts , W. and Mitchener, H.J.
Technical Report. Thomas Telford . (2000)

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Abstract:The ability to predict the movement of cohesive sediment within coastal, estuarine or inland waters has a significant economical and ecological importance in the development of new engineering works and the maintenance of existing installations. This book covers the main processes of cohesive sediment behaviour, namely erosion, transport, deposition and consolidation. Sub-sections are given on knowledge and procedure where possible. The knowledge section present data intended to show the practising engineer which parameters are important in each of the above processes. The procedure section gives practical methods for estimating the rates of erosion, transport, deposition and consolidation based on knowledge of the site conditions.\n\nA companion to Dynamics of marine sands, this book is aimed at the practising engineer who is involved in coastal, estuarine or inland water construction work. Format: A5 hardbound, 210 pages. Contents: Illustrations; 1.0 Introduction; 2.0 Sediment properties; 3.0 Hydrodynamics; 4.0 Erosion; 5.0 Suspension of mud in the water column; 6.0 Fluid mud; 7.0 Transport rate; 8.0 Deposition; 9.0 Consolidation; 10.0 Mixtures of mud and sand; 11.0 Mathematical modelling; 12.0 Intertidal processes; 13.0 Case studies; References.
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