Guidelines for the assessment and planning of estuarine barrages

Guidelines for the assessment and planning of estuarine barrages.
Burt, T.N.and Rees, A.
Technical Report. Thomas Telford . (2001)

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Abstract: Based on research commissioned by DETR and the Environment Agency, this title presents guidance on the planning, design, construction and operation of estuarine barrages. The development and operation of barrages have the potential to have a considerable impact on the existing estuarine environment. It is essential therefore that all environmental costs are taken into account and that alternative options that may satisfy the aspirations of the developer are fully considered. This topical book aims to provide the reader, working at any stage of the process, with the knowledge required to successfully complete the task of building estuarine barrages. These important guidelines embrace the principles of sustainable development to provide best-practice design and oeprational solutions to mitigate or overcome potential problems and, where possible, to enhance the aquatic and riparian environments. This invaluable book details information and guidance with the assistance of case studies on the Cardiff, Tees, Tawe, Usk and LaVilaine Barrages, and the Lagan Weir, these case studies reinforce the issues raised within the book. This title is a vital resource for developers, local authorities, and consulting and contracting engineers involved in estuarine engineering and development. Format: A5 hardbound, 483 pages. Contents: 1.0 Introduction; 2.0 Planning; 3.0 Fisheries and conservation; 4.0 Water quality; 5.0 Hydrodynamics; 6.0 Morphology; 7.0 Flood defence; 8.0 Groundwater; 9.0 Navigation; 10.0 Waves; 11.0 Structure; 12.0 Research priorities; 13.0 References; Appendices.
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