Guidelines for port environmental management

Guidelines for port environmental management.
Paipai, E.
Technical Report. HR Wallingford . (1999)

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Abstract:HR Wallingford was commissioned by the Department of the Environment to undertake a study on the current status of environmental policies and environmental management practices in the UK ports, and subsequently to produce Guidelines for Port Environmental Management. The information given in these Guidelines is intended to be generic in recognition of the variety of activities and operations in UK ports and harbours, their size, location and administrative framework, and applicable to the majority of the small to medium-sized ports. The Guidelines are not intended to be exhaustive and cover the environmental aspects of all port-related and supporting industry, such as oil refineries. They are, however, intended to provide guidance (with some element of detail) on environmental management practices for workshops, garages and filling/bunkering stations found on port and harbour land. The Guidelines also introduce the Eco-Information project, a Europe-wide port environmental management study and its environmental management tool, namely the Self-Diagnostic Methodology, which is developed by port professionals for port professionals. Recognising the variety of port and harbour operations and the range of port staff with environmental responsibilities, the information provided in the Guidelines is aimed at those who will be taking the decision to identify their port's status quo in terms of environmental performance, as well as to those who need hands-on advice on environmentally responsible development and operational activities.
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