Feasibility of decontaminating dredged material

Feasibility of decontaminating dredged material.
Fletcher, C.A.and Burt, T.N.
Technical Report. HR Wallingford . (1996)

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Abstract:Disposal options for contaminated dredged material are becoming more restricted as pressure for decreasing inputs of contaminants to sea increases, and as landfill space reduces. Decontamination technologies which alter contaminated dredged material properties, such that they are suitable for beneficial uses or sea disposal, are desirable. In this report the scale of the situation is described through examples of contaminated dredged material in the UK. A brief description of the international experience of decontamination technologies is given. The criteria which any prospective technology must satisfy in terms of practicality, effectiveness, economics and environmental acceptability, as well as meeting legislative requirements are outlined.
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