Planning and modelling of a beach improvement scheme, Poole, UK

Planning and modelling of a beach improvement scheme, Poole, UK.
Kemp, J.A.and Brampton, A.
Proceedings of the ICE - Maritime Engineering, 167 (1). (2013)

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Abstract:The sandy beaches of Poole Bay in Dorset, UK are eroding, in part due to sea level rise. Allowing this shoreline to retreat is impractical and therefore the beach between Sandbanks and Branksome Dene Chine was improved by a recharge scheme during the winter 2005–2006. The coastal defence strategy envisages further recharge schemes at intervals of approximately 10 years to protect the sea walls, so preventing recession of the sandy cliffs behind them. Four preferred schemes were recommended and used for public consultation. These options were then refined using numerical modelling, making different assumptions about how climate change might affect future wave conditions. This modelling showed that no control structures were necessary along the western part of the study frontage. The study finally recommended five new groynes at the eastern end of Poole Borough's coastline. This scheme, which was completed in May 2009, was more modest than originally envisaged, so reducing its costs and its effects on the amenity value and aesthetics of the beaches. Through appropriate application of a numerical model the final scheme selected provided significant cost savings and additional amenity and aesthetic benefits.
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