Laboratory studies of storm overflows with unsteady flow

Laboratory studies of storm overflows with unsteady flow.
Brewer, A.J.and Harrison, A.J.M. and Ackers, P.
Project Report. Hydraulics Research Station. (1967)

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Abstract:The main purpose of a storm overflow structure in a combined sewer is to restrict the flow passing to treatment as a result of a storm to a value which can be dealt with by the purification plant. To this end a part of the flow arriving at the overflow is diverted from the foul system and passed untreated to a river, an estuary or the sea. The ideal overflow would start to spill when the flow to treatment reached a predetermine maximum value, any excess then being spilled with little or no foul content. In the experiments described here the performances of four types of overflow are compared, and the extend by which each falls short of the ideal is illustrated.
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