Improvements in the physical modelling of tsunamis and their effects

Improvements in the physical modelling of tsunamis and their effects.
Allsop, W.and Chandler, I. and Zaccaria, M.
In: Coastlab14 (5th International Conference on the Application of Physical Modelling in Coastal and Port Engineering and Science), 29 September – 2 October 2014, Varna, Bulgaria. (2014)

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Abstract:This paper summarises a series of advances in the development, testing and use of a novel pneumatic Tsunami Generator for physical models. It describes the main principles behind the initial development and use of the HR Wallingford/UCL Tsunami Generator, then describes various stages of further modelling and testing to improve and extend a numerical model of its performance. Tests on a (slightly) improved device are presented, including the successful generation of the 15 min long Mercator time series from the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, and trials of the 2011 Tohoku tsunami.
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