Estuarine muds manual

Estuarine muds manual.
Delo, E.and Ockenden, M.C.
Technical Report. HR Wallingford Ltd. (1992)

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Abstract:This report summarises, in an engineering form, the main processes of cohesive sediment behaviour, namely, deposition, consolidation and erosion. The data presented are intended to show the practising engineer which parameters are important in each of the processes and to enable broad estimates of the rates of deposition, consolidation and erosion to be made based on a limited knowledge of the field conditions. The work was carried out as part of a strategic research programme on cohesive sediment transport processes undertaken for the Department of the Environment. This report extends and updates the first mud manual which was published in 1988 by incorporating the results of recent research undertaken by HR Wallingford, UK Universities and Polytechnics and international research groups.
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