Semantic Enrichment and Search: A Case Study on Environmental Science Literature

Semantic Enrichment and Search: A Case Study on Environmental Science Literature.
Bontcheva, K.and Kieniewicz, J. and Andrews, S. and Wallis, M.
D-Lib Magazine, 21 (1). (2015)

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Abstract:As information discovery needs become more and more challenging, traditional keyword-based information retrieval methods are increasingly falling short in providing adequate support. The problem is often compounded by the poor quality of article metadata in some digital collections. This paper investigates automatic semantic enrichment and search methods, as ways to meet these challenges. In particular, the benefits of enriching articles with knowledge from Linked Open Data resources are investigated, with focus on the domain of environmental science. In order to facilitate environmental science researchers in carrying out better semantic searches, a form-based semantic search interface is proposed. It helps researchers to benefit from the semantically enriched content, e.g. to carry out sophisticated location-based searches. The usability and ease of learning of this web interface were evaluated in a user-based study, the results of which are also reported.
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