Author: Amos, C.L.

Number of items: 3.

Estuary and inlet morphodynamics and evolution.
Townend, I.H.and Amos, C.L.
In: 9th International Conference Littoral 2008, 25-28 November 2008, Venice, Italy. (2008)

The significance of wave reflection on the erosion of upper inter-tidal mudflats.
Chellew, E.and Rossington, K. and Townend, I.H. and Amos, C.L. and Richardson, S.
In: ICCE 2010 (32nd International Conference on Coastal Engineering), June 30 – July 5 2010, Shanghai, China. (2010)

Wave energy and wave-induced flow reduction by full-scale model Posidonia oceanica seagrass.
Manca, E.and Cáceres, I. and Alsina, J. and Stratigaki, V. and Townend, I.H. and Amos, C.L.
Continental Shelf Research, 50-51 . pp. 100-116. (2012)

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