Author: Ceraulo, M.

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Relationships of underwater sound pressure and particle velocity in a shipbuilding dock.
Ceraulo, M.and Bruintjes, R. and Benson, T. and Rossington, K. and Farina, A. and Buscaino, G.
In: 4th International Conference on The Effects of Noise on Aquatic Life, 10-16 July 2016, Dublin, Ireland. (2016)

The effect of low frequency noise on the behaviour of juvenile Sparus aurata.
Ceraulo, M.and Mauro, M. and Perez-Arjona, I. and Belda, E. and Bou, M. and Benson, T. and Espinosa, V. and Cuomo, G. and Beltrame, F. and Mazzola, S. and Vazzana, M. and Buscaino, G.
Marine Environmental Research . (Submitted) (2019)

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