Author: Escarameia, M.

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Drying flood damaged buildings.
Tagg, A.and Proverbs, D. and Johnson, M. and Lamond, J. and Escarameia, M. and von Christierson, B. and Kidd, B.
In: 44th Defra Flood and Coastal Management Conference, 30th June - 2nd July 2009, Telford, UK . (2009)

Estimation of runoff depths on paved areas.
Escarameia, M.and Gasowski, Y. and May, R. W.P. and Bergamini, L.
Urban Water Journal, 3 (4). (2006)

Grassed drainage channels – hydraulic resistance characteristics.
Escarameia, M.and Gasowski, Y. and May, R. W.P.
Proceedings of the ICE - Water and Maritime Engineering, 154 (4). pp. 333-341. ISSN 1472-4561 (2002)

Implications for site drainage systems of reduced water use in buildings.
Escarameia, M.and Lauchlan, C.S.
Environmental Hydraulics and Sustainable Water Management, Lee & Lam (eds), Proc. of the 4th Int. Symposium on Environmental Hydraulics, IAHR 15-18 December 2004, Hong Kong . ISSN 04 1536 546 5 (2004)

Investigating hydraulic removal of air from water pipelines.
Escarameia, M.
Water Management, 160 . (2007)

Laboratory investigation of scour around large structures in tidal waters.
Escarameia, M.
3rd Int. Conference on Hydroscience and Engineering, ICHE ’98, Cottbus/Berlin, Germany, 1998 . (1998)

Prototype monitoring and numerical simulation of roof gutter systems.
Escarameia, M.and Swaffield, J.A.
Proc. of 8th Int. Conference on Urban Storm Drainage, Sydney, Australia, August 30-September 3, 1999 . (1999)

Quantifying the carbon footprint of coastal construction – a new tool HRCAT.
Broekens, R.and Escarameia, M. and Cantelmo, C. and Woolhouse, G.
In: ICE Coastal Management Conference 2011, 15-17 November 2011, Belfast. (2011)

Site assessment of road-edge grassed channels for highway drainage.
Escarameia, M.and Todd, A.J.
Proceedings of the 8th Highway and Urban Environment Symposium, Cyprus, June 2006, Morrison, G.M.; Rauch, S. (Eds.), 12 . ISSN 978-1-4020-6009-0 (2007)

The role of building flood resilience in the flood risk management hierarchy.
Tagg, A.and Escarameia, M.
In: 4th International Symposium on Flood Defence: Managing Flood Risk, Reliability and Vulnerability , 6-8 May 2008, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (2008)

The role of building materials in improved flood resilience and routes for implementation.
Escarameia, M.and Tagg, A. and Walliman, N and Zevenbergen Dure Vermeer, C and Anvarifar, F
In: FloodRisk 2012, 20-22 November 2012, Rotterdam. (Submitted) (2012)

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