Author: Escarameia, M.

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Channel protection - gabion mattresses and concrete blocks.
Escarameia, M.
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Drying flood damaged buildings.
Tagg, A.and Proverbs, D. and Johnson, M. and Lamond, J. and Escarameia, M. and von Christierson, B. and Kidd, B.
In: 44th Defra Flood and Coastal Management Conference, 30th June - 2nd July 2009, Telford, UK . (2009)

Estimation of runoff depths on paved areas.
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Experimental and numerical studies on movement of air in water pipelines.
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Grassed drainage channels – hydraulic resistance characteristics.
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Hydraulic capacity of drainage channels with lateral inflow.
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Implications for site drainage systems of reduced water use in buildings.
Escarameia, M.and Lauchlan, C.S.
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Investigating hydraulic removal of air from water pipelines.
Escarameia, M.
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Laboratory investigation of scour around large structures in tidal waters.
Escarameia, M.
3rd Int. Conference on Hydroscience and Engineering, ICHE ’98, Cottbus/Berlin, Germany, 1998 . (1998)

Methods for assessing flood resilience of critical buildings.
Escarameia, M.and Walliman, N. and Zevenbergen, C. and De Graaf, R.
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Prototype monitoring and numerical simulation of roof gutter systems.
Escarameia, M.and Swaffield, J.A.
Proc. of 8th Int. Conference on Urban Storm Drainage, Sydney, Australia, August 30-September 3, 1999 . (1999)

Quantifying the carbon footprint of coastal construction – a new tool HRCAT.
Broekens, R.and Escarameia, M. and Cantelmo, C. and Woolhouse, G.
In: ICE Coastal Management Conference 2011, 15-17 November 2011, Belfast. (2011)

River and channel revetments: a design manual.
Escarameia, M.
Technical Report. Thomas Telford . (1998)

Scour around structures in tidal flows.
Escarameia, M.and May, R.W.P.
Technical Report. HR Wallingford . (1999)

Site assessment of road-edge grassed channels for highway drainage.
Escarameia, M.and Todd, A.J.
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Spacing of road gullies hydraulic performance of BS EN 124 gully gratings and kerb inlets.
Spaliviero, F.and May, R.W.P. and Escarameia, M.
Technical Report. HR Wallingford. (2000)

The role of building flood resilience in the flood risk management hierarchy.
Tagg, A.and Escarameia, M.
In: 4th International Symposium on Flood Defence: Managing Flood Risk, Reliability and Vulnerability , 6-8 May 2008, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (2008)

The role of building materials in improved flood resilience and routes for implementation.
Escarameia, M.and Tagg, A. and Walliman, N and Zevenbergen Dure Vermeer, C and Anvarifar, F
In: FloodRisk 2012, 20-22 November 2012, Rotterdam. (Submitted) (2012)

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