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Developing a performance - based management system for flood and coastal defence assets.
Sayers, P.B.and Simm, J.D. and Wallis, M. and Buijs, F. and Flikweert, J. and Hamer, B.
In: 41st Defra Flood and Coastal Management Conference, 4- 6 July 2006, University of York, UK. (2006)

FRMRC presentations to practitioners workshop.
Sayers, P.B.and Rushworth, A. and Wallerstein, N. and Arthur, S. and Simm, J.D. and Morris, M.W. and Van Damme, M. and Roca, M. and Wallis, M. and Long, G. and Mawdesley, M. and Smith, M. and Taha, A. and Roca, M. and McGahey , C. and Stripling, S. and Gouldby, B.P. and Woodward, M. and Simm, J.D. and Flikweert, J. and Sayers, P.B.
In: FRMRC Practitioner workshop on asset management, 4 October 2011, School of Oriental & African Studies, London, UK. (Unpublished) (2011)

How do our flood defences perform during floods? Ten years of lessons learned and putting them into practice.
Flikweert, J.and Hollingsworth, C. and Burdett, S. and Simm, J.D.
In: 7th International Conference on Flood Management (ICFM7), 5-7 September 2017, Leeds, UK. (2017)

Improving performance targets for flood defence assets.
Flikweert, J.and Simm, J.D.
Journal of Flood Risk Management, 1 (4). pp. 201-212. (2009)

Representing fragility of flood and coastal defences: Getting into the detail.
Simm, J.D.and Gouldby, B.P. and Sayers, P.B. and Flikweert, J. and Wersching, S. and Bramley, M.E.
In: FLOODrisk 2008, 30 September - 2 October 2008, Keble College, Oxford, UK. (2008)

Ten years of lessons learned from English levee performance during severe flood events.
Simm, J.D.and Flikweert, J. and Hollingsworth, C. and Tarrant, O.
In: 85th Annual Meeting of International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD), 3-7 July 2017, Prague, Czech Republic. (2017)

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