Author: Knaapen, M.

Number of items: 12.

A review of saltmarsh dynamics.
Townend, I.H.and Knaapen, M. and Fletcher, C.A. and Rossington, K.
Water and Environment Journal, 25 . pp. 477-488. ISSN ISSN1747-6585 (2011)

First-order uncertainty analysis using AD 2D application.
Villaret, C.and Goeury, C. and Knaapen, M. and Riehme, J. and Merkel, U. and Nauman, U.
In: XXIInd TELEMAC-MASCARET User Conference, 13-16 October 2015, UK. (2015)

Lag effects in morphodynamic modelling of engineering impacts.
Knaapen, M.and Kelly, D.M.
In: ICCE 2012 (33rd International Conference on Coastal Engineering), 2012, Santander, Spain. (2012)

Modelling sediment transport with hysteresis effects.
Knaapen, M.and Kelly, D.M.
In: XVIIIth TELEMAC-MASCARET User Conference, 19-21 October 2011, Paris, France. (Submitted) (2011)

Modelling the dynamics of intertidal mudflat and salt marshes within estuaries.
Knaapen, M.and Townend, I.H. and Rossington, K. and Fletcher, C.A. and Spearman, J.
The Environmentalist (84). pp. 12-15. (2009)

Morphodynamics for real world applications.
Kelly, D.M.and Dodd, N. and Knaapen, M.
Geophysical Research Abstracts, 13 . (2011)

Morphological acceleration factor: usability, accuracy and run time reductions.
Knaapen, M.and Joustra, R
In: XIXth TELEMAC-MASCARET User Conference, 18-19 October 2012, Oxford. (2012)

Palaeoshorelines of glacial Lake Kuray–Chuja, south-central Siberia: form, sediments and process.
Carling, P.A.and Knaapen, M. and Borodavko, P. and Herget, J. and Koptev, I. and Huggenberger, P. and Parnachev, S.
Ice-Marginal and Periglacial Processes and Sediments - Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 354 . pp. 111-128. (2011)

Probabilistic Channel Infill Approach.
Knaapen, M.and Wertwijn, C.
In: XXth TELEMAC-MASCARET User Conference, 16-18 Oct 2013, Karlsruhe. (2013)

Sandbank occurrence on the Dutch continental shelf in the North Sea.
Knaapen, M.
Geo-Marine Letters, 29 (1). ISSN 0276-0460 (Print) 1432-1157 (Online) (2009)

Sandscaping the coast: two approaches to large-scale beach nourishment in the UK.
Sutherland, J.and Blanco Lopez de San Roman, B. and Knaapen, M.
In: ASBPA National Coastal Conference 2017, 24-27 October 2017, Fort Lauderdale, USA. (Submitted) (2017)

The dynamics of intertidal mudflat and saltmarshes within estuaries.
Rossington, K.and Spearman, J. and Knaapen, M. and Townend, I.H. and Richardson, S.
In: ICCE 2010 (32nd International Conference on Coastal Engineering), June 30 – July 5 2010, Shanghai, China. (2010)

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