Author: Malde, S.

Number of items: 4.

Application of machine learning techniques to support decision making under uncertainty in water resource management.
McBride, A.and Counsell, C. and Malde, S. and Simm, J.D.
In: AWRA 2018, 4-8 November 2018, Baltimore, USA. (Submitted) (2018)

Applying emulators for improved flood risk analysis.
Malde, S.and Wyncoll, D. and Oakley, J. and Tozer, N.P. and Gouldby, B.P.
In: FLOODrisk 2016, 18-20 October 2016, Lyon, France. (2016)

Applying Gaussian process emulators for coastal wave modelling.
Malde, S.and Tozer, N.P. and Oakley, J. and Gouldby, B.P. and Liu, Y. and Wyncoll, D.
Coastal Engineering Journal . (Submitted) (2018)

BAYONET GPE: A generic and practical overtopping model that includes uncertainty.
Pullen, T.A.and Liu, Y. and Otinar Morillas, P. and Wyncoll, D. and Malde, S. and Gouldby, B.P.
ICE’s Maritime Engineering Journal . (Submitted) (2018)

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