Author: Millard, T.K.

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A semantic registry using a Feature Type Catalogue instead of ontologies to support spatial data infrastructures.
Stock, K.M.and Atkinson, R. and Higgins, C. and Small, M. and Woolf, A. and Millard, T.K. and Arctur, D.
International Journal of Geographical Information Science , 24 (2). pp. 231-252. (2010)

An ECOOP web portal for visualising and comparing distributed coastal oceanography model and in situ data.
Gemmell, A.L.and Barciela, R.M. and Blower, J.D. and Haines, K. and Harpham, Q. and Millard, T.K. and Price, M.R. and Saulter, A.
Ocean Science, 7 . pp. 445-454. (2011)

Application of OpenMI interfacing to promote integrated modelling across the water/environment sector - the FluidEarth platform.
Pearce, G.R.and Millard, T.K. and Harper, A.
In: 1st European IAHR Congress, 4 – 6 May 2010, Edinburgh, UK. (2010)

Data quality, provenance and IPR Management services: their role in empowering geospatial data suppliers and users.
Millard, T.K.and Herbert, J.
In: EGU General Assembly 2015, 12-17 April 2015, Vienna, Austria. (2015)

Developing feature types and related catalogues for the marine community - lessons from the MOTIIVE project.
Millard, T.K.
International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructures Research, 2 . pp. 132-162. ISSN 1725-0463 (2007)

Developments in marine standards.
Millard, T.K.and Woolf, A. and Tandy, J.
In: AGI Marine and Coastal Zone GIS Conference, London. (2006)

From Wave Data to Customer Information.
Millard, T.K.
In: Globwave Project Workshop, 20-21 Sep 2007 , Brest, France. (2007)

MarineXML – Have we achieved pre standardisation?
Millard, T.K.and Atkinson, R. and Woolf, A. and Lowry, R. and Haaring, P. and Hernandez, F. and Hamre, T. and Pillich, D. and Bothien, H. and Vanden Berghe, W. and Johnson, I. and Matthews, B. and Dahlin, H. and Flemming , N. and Vladymyrov, V. and Meckenzie, B. and Edwards, A. and van der Hoeven, W. and Harpham, Q. and Ross, G. and Petersson, S.
In: 4th International Conference on EuroGOOS, 6-9 June 2005, Brest, France. (2006)

Standards based approaches for cross-domain data integration.
Atkinson, R.and Millard, T.K. and Arctur, D.
International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructures Research, 2 . pp. 74-89. (2007)

Zoning techniques in coastal zone management.
Millard, T.K.and Bale, J. and Forsyth, S.
Technical Report. HR Wallingford . (1996)

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